Sweeney’s Cruises – Loch Lomond

home-sweeney'scruiseslochlomond"Kirsty has been a superb asset to Sweeney's Cruises - Loch Lomond for 8 years now, succeeding in bringing substantial additional business for us on Loch Lomond. She's a truly outstanding communicator and genuine people person with a special ability to win new clients and raise and maintain a high profile in the right places. Kirsty brings her passion for people, tourism and marketing to bear on all she does and nothing is too much trouble. We would recommend Kirsty as somebody equipped to help promote all types of tourism business and who can provide excellent marketing strategies tailored specifically to individual need that reap real rewards."

John Sweeney, Owner/Proprietor, Sweeney’s Cruises, Loch Lomond  |   www.sweeneyscruises.com

Ardkinglas Estate, Argyll

"Kirsty has been working with Ardkinglas Estate for the last year and we are delighted with the publicity she has generated for us. Her enthusiasm for her job and her extensive contact base built up over many years in the tourism industry have meant that she has been able to generate a number of leads in a very short time. She has managed to deal with our different tourism income streams bringing them together in a coherent PR strategy.  My job at Ardkinglas Estate as overall manager means that PR and marketing often get pushed to the bottom of the pile but Kirsty ensures that they get the attention they need. Kirsty is happy to work as many or as few hours as we require and therefore is an asset to small, or large, new or established businesses."

Jean Maskell, Estate Manager, Ardkinglas Estate | www.ardkinglas.com